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Meet David and Jena

In 1995, God inspired David Shipman to move from Greensboro to Charlotte. David’s first reaction was, “Why Charlotte?” Things were going great in Greensboro; it was a perfect set up, so he thought. However, God had a different plan. Following God’s orders, David moved to Charlotte. He then acquired a job within the financial industry. During this transition, David met and married his lovely wife Jena.

Together, they realized there was a greater destiny after David was afforded the opportunity to teach a weekly bible study at his workplace. What started out as a small bible study grew to be quite large in a matter of months! Then, after 3 ½ years of teaching, God spoke that it was time to move into his pastoral calling. David finally understood God’s plan for relocating him to Charlotte.

The doors of the church opened in September 2002, and the church has grown tremendously. David and Jena are very enthusiastic about pursuing the responsibilities that God has set before them. Coupled with their unwavering faith, they are determined to reconcile the world to Christ!

When not involved in ministry, David and Jena enjoy a variety of social activities. Whether watching or playing sports, travelling, or attending their son Kean’s sporting events, they embrace a well-rounded life.


David Shipman

The driving force in David's life is his passion to teach the revelatory, uncompromised Word of God not only in a way that will challenge the mature believer, but simplistically so that the new convert can understand and learn. His vision is to unite God’s people under the umbrella of His love and, most importantly, to win souls for the Kingdom of God.

When you first meet David, you will find that he is personable, approachable and has excitability for life. As you get to know him, you will see that he has a giving and compassionate heart. All of this coupled with his open-door policy draws those in need of spiritual counseling or just general, everyday conversation.

David’s desire to continuously build a church culture that reflects the heart of God is revealed in the three-fold vision of the ministry – to tear down the walls of racism, to tear down the walls of denominationalism, and to reconcile the lost and the backslidden to Christ.


Jena Shipman

Jena plays an integral part in the ministry as the Praise and Worship Leader and Director of Women’s Fellowship. She also partners with her husband in leading the Couples Ministry.

Although she is down to earth and soft spoken, Jena exhibits a boldness when her inherent passion for praise and worship is ignited. In overseeing the Women’s Fellowship, Jena implements women's studies, ministry events and social activities, not only endeavoring to uplift and inspire women, but to also encourage them to enjoy some fun things in life.

Like her husband, Jena has a heart for God and God's people. She says she practices a little quote her Sunday School teacher taught her as a little child -- “Jesus first, others second, and yourself last.”

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